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Secrets of Cooking - Using Spices, Herbs and Salts [paperback Cook Book]

Secrets of Cooking - Using Spices, Herbs and Salts [paperback Cook Book]

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When I started this project, I did not want to create just one more ho-hum book that just lists spices and herbs from around the world. I wanted to bring that world to you! I wanted something different, something to Spice up your Life! Something with interaction, fun to share to provide a healthful tasty experience.I wanted something different than just another run of the mill recipe book. It is to be informative, interesting, useful and filled with tidbits you might not know and food trivia and history that I wanted to share.Plus¿. I wanted you learn there are many fines spices that change the entire flavor of even the simplest meal. Don¿t you love a great kitchen full of aromatics! This book is how to become a super cook by using the finest spices and seasonings properly. "Cooking Secrets: Using Spices, Herbs & Salts" is a reference book that should be in every home. Gone are the days when we sit down and listen to Gramma talk about how she uses spices, herbs and salts. Cooking is a lost art. That's why I have created this edition of my book.This edition is filled with photographs of over 60 spices, herbs and salts used around the world and how they are used to enhance the flavor of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. As you read you will begin to appreciate the history of each and why the Spice Route was so important in ancient times. Each of the items used to flavor our food are discussed in detail starting with how they are used to flavor all types of foods eaten all over the world. I don¿t stop there. I have charts showing which ethnic foods use them, how to measure them, when to use them in the cooking cycle and how to store them.The book is also filled with Ah-Ha Moments, trivia, and recipes

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